My dear David; letter to my twin

Hello guys. i believe you well. before you embark on this read, here’s a little disclaimer; This is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed in this short story are products of my imagination.
would love to here your thoughts. Be sure to leave a comment below.

Dear David,
Shortie!!! You would still be shorter than me I bet 😉. How are you up there? Do people grow old? Are you now 16 or still 6? The bible talks about overflowing milk and honey, how is that? Is everything white or gold-plated? Do you have your own room?
If you don’t I hope you don’t hog the bed. 😆. I miss you Dave. You remember the girl next door? Kate? She is married now and has two kids. One is 7 and the other one is 4. They are so adorable. A boy and a girl, respectively. The other day she was reminding me of how we were very inquisitive together. Did we really ask those many questions? You remember when we five then we climbed a paw paw tree 🎄 to get to heaven ?
Oh the innocence. So pure. Our birthday has never been the same again. We still write your name on the cake. ” Happy Birthday Diana and David”. We all celebrate you. Our pictures are still up the wall. Even the ones from the photo shoot that I cried my lungs out and you started crying too. Mum was so frustrated with us that day. Though we went through it. The pictures with our tear stained faces.
A lot has changed Dave. Mum got another pair of twins. Two years after your accident. I was 8. I was so angry at her and them. I thought it was her way of replacing you and I hated it for sometime. I outgrew it eventually. They are girls. The prettiest things in the world. Matilda and Melisa. Though they don’t cry simultaneously like we used to, they are a wonder. I get jealous of them sometimes. I think to myself, sometimes, that they will never have what we had. They are now six. Very unsettled. They love each other immensely. Its contagious.

Sally is now 20. She has enrolled into campus. Its working out well for her. She even has a boyfriend. Richard or Rodney. I couldn’t quite get it. She keeps it a secret. I will find out in a few days I promise. I have seen his pictures. He is handsome. Looks like a decent young boy. He better not break her heart. Or he faces the wrath.
Dad is so overprotective of her. I hope he realizes she is a grown woman.
Oh, did I tell you that Teddy the frog died? Mum said it suffocated. I think the help poisoned it. She always hated it. We’ve had more helps by the way. You know mum and her dramatic self. Someday, she fired a help because she couldn’t quite get the salt portion in the food right. She asked her to leave and take the rest of the salt pack with her. The other day she phoned Sally. Out of the blues, she was yelling into the phone and asking her what boy she was with and how she must leave him right away before she starts praying for them. Oh, mother dearest. Such a vigilant woman.
Sally is a beleaguered young adult. Trying to find her life’s path.
Me? Well, nothing much. High school is here. A lot of drama goes on. You know with the high end society of high school. I have been suspended quite a number of times. For reasons I find insincere. The most recent suspension I got because i was directing a mirror reflection from upstairs, where my class is, to a junior class downstairs and opposite. It disturbed the teacher’s lesson has it burned right through her eyes. In my defense, it wasn’t my intention that that would occur. I was honestly experimenting with the mirror to see if once the light hit that classroom’s windows it would bounce back. Well, I never got to find out because now am home. I still wonder about it though, the refraction and reflection of light. I will find out sooner or later. Just have to think my plans through now, huh?
I have like two friends. Terry and Wacuka. They are always trying to outsmart each other and I hate always been caught up in the middle. The love is real. Tough but real.
So auntie Debbie still drinks like she always did. Not married yet. Just her and her bottle. In fact, the last get together she swore nothing will come between her and the bottle. She almost stripped-down naked on top of a table while dancing. Nana called her down and beat the shit out of her. Can you imagine, Nana with her feeble bones beating the hell out her? She cried . Such a baby.
Cousin Edna flew to Germany to pursue a career in medicine. She stopped operating on rats and lizards. Finally she follows her dreams of operating actual people.
I wonder if she has any friends. I mean, who wants to have a gecko slaughter for a friend?
Maybe she will find her kind. She has to.
Dave, I need to go do the dishes, mum has been screaming at me about it for half an hour now.
Catch you later to fill you in on everything.
Preserve our kingdom up there.


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