“I am a stage actress”
“Oh really 😊. What is your most recent character”, he asks with a big gulp of his drink. His cup is almost empty.
“I played a cadaver in a zombie play 😊”, I respond as i tilt my head up high to try to get the waiters attention. The thing with bar attendants I hear is that they serve the hot ones first.
Not to appear to desperate, irritable or sulky.Β  Just sophisticated, calm and of course very sexy. My date confirms this because he is still laughing at my answer and doesn’t bother to ask for the refill.
“Try lazy sexy eyes and give him a subtle smile. He will navigate here almost immediately”
I did and true to his words, its like he just smelled honey. I was flattered to a certain degree I must admit. We ordered our refill. The alcohol started kicking in.
We reminisced about our childhood and laughed away hysterically.
From the corner of my eyes I could see two girls ogling at him. He wasn’t noticing of course because he faced me and they were behind him. Not that it mattered at all, but does anyone else just become protective of the people you are in a bar with even if it’s just your brother and you want them to land a hot date but definitely not in this manner?
I put his arm in mine and locked my eyes in his.
“You are coming home with me tonight”, he whispered in my ears in that slow speech that leaves you flummoxed.
“I see you are still the bully you were”, I raised my glass to my lips, took a sip as I picked out the mini straw with my fingers and licked the drops on it. I smiled cunningly. Partly because I knew my lipstick was still intact and partly because I liked where this was going. It was getting late and I really should be watching Looney Tunes right about now( you dare not judge me😈. I will watch that damn thing when am 60 and retired in the comfort of swing chair and it will still be just as hilarious 😎)
“Let’s take a walk”, he requested politely. I stood up, pulled my skirt down and prayed that this damn shoes break on the way so I can have an excuse for walking barefoot. Having a tiresome day while walking in heels all day and then have to still wear them for the night is surely the second most painful thing in the world. The first of course being giving birth. I mean, have you seen those videos? Bones detach i tell you. It makes me want to reconsider the idea of ever having kids. But then again how amazing is the miracle of having a human form right in your tummy. Okay it’s settled, I am having kids. But we have to agree we are not going to talk about the pain associated with it, okay?
He offers to carry my jacket as we squeeze past the crowd. A young lass in uniform plants herself before us.
“mtakula samosa”. Her tray was half full or in this case half empty because that would be the positive notion. Her eyes appeared sulked and tired. She clearly worked two jobs. Bidan slightly pressed the small of my back signaling that we better get going. I bought four samosas and I thanked her. Its not everydayΒ  every night that you meet someone who cares about your stomach. I mean, that is some special kind of love.
We got outside and the Nairobi winds welcomed us coldly. How rude. I put on my jacket as we walked on. He brushed his hand against mine in a bid to hold it. I let him. Gesturing he should feel free, I swing my hand and let his fall right in. It was calming. A peaceful silence reigned. I could feel his smile. I could feel the watchmen’s eyesΒ  on us. I could feel the flow of warm blood flow through us.
We dwelled in the moment and enjoyed it.
I toyed with the idea of taking off my shoes and walking barefoot because I now felt comfortable. We both did. But then I remembered I wasn’t going to get into my house with all the weight of Nairobi’s finest dirt on my feet.
It was time.
“I should go home now”, I said to him as I took out my phone to call a cab.
” Let me take you”
” No, i am okay. I should go now. I have work. Tomorrow”
” but you were to come to my place”
” you didn’t ask me to”
” I did, i told to”
” Telling is very different from asking”
” will you please, come home with me tonight?”
“no. My ride is here. I have to go”, i slightly pecked his left cheek as a sign of appreciation.
” Where is your show tomorrow, i will come watch it.”
“oh, i lied about that. I work with RSU. Bye now, i had a great time. Thankyou again.”
” what is RSU?”
” Google it.” I said walking away. I pressed my bag close to my chest. I couldn’t wait to get home.
“I had a great time too”, he yelled as the cab drove away.
I smiled to myself. I was champion of all things golden 😊

ION; Thankyou again for coming by here. I have been working on an interview for you guys from a good friend of mine. The wording proved to be harder than i thought hence the time lapse before i posted it. It is also rather long and had to divide it into parts.
The first one will go up on Friday. She shares her journey of living with HIV, the acquisition, discovery and her battling. She is a strong one i tell you and i know you guys will share my sentiments too.
Don’t forget to subscribe with your email so you can get the story while it’s still hot πŸ˜‰
Thankyou once again.
An Jesus loves you 😍



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    Great stuff you got there #Bee

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