It didn’t sink. In fact, it floated on the third line. The kind red cross lady just said I couldn’t donate, of course I asked why, she said I didn’t have enough blood. Her face looked worried but I went with it. After my girlfriends were inside getting ready to save the world, the red cross lady asked me to stay behind. She called another staff and took me behind the tent.
” Hey😊”, she asked politely
“hey yourself,” I replied in the same manner.
” My name is Kate. Kathleen actually, I just prefer Kate.”
“Hello Kate. My name is Stella”.
The niceties went on for a minute or so as she asked about the weather trying to create a good rapport.
” Do you know your status?” She inquired.
” Not really actually. Do you know yours?”
” The number of people who do not know their status is immensely shocking. I know mine though. Though I would love to take you to find out yours. It is really peaceful when you know and not have to in doubt for the rest of your life”
It made sense. And besides, why not, it won’t hurt to know. I agreed. She was jovial and very friendly and I liked having new friends and her being this wonderful was just a gift from God. My friends would take like half an to donate their share and lie down for bit. From my calculations, we would have been done by then.
Have you ever been to a VCT, the  pre-counselling session makes you question your entire life. That boy I made out with in class four, he was oddly thin. You know?
I have to say though, it braced me well. And the doctor was very handsome and friendly. I underwent the test and my fears were confirmed. As is protocol, post counselling started immediately.
The good news was, the virus was discovered in its second stage, and of I took my meds right, I have a chance to not only a long life but also avoiding all the opportunistic diseases. I wasn’t going to be really a victim as such.
As time went by, I started to feel better about myself and my friends , God bless them, held my hand tightly. They basically moved in with me. What inspires me most about them though is that the turn my life took changed theirs as well.
Since then, I have fully devoted myself to humanitarian works and spreading the Word of God. It broke my heart how many of us in this generation are being buried in sexual sin.
Here’s how. I tracked down Samson, I explained to him what had being going on and because I have never been with anyone else before or after him, it would just be courteous if he took a test. He is a mature and decent guy. He did. Although he had lately been sickly with pneumonia, he had not even for a second thought I would have been HIV. He was open minded and was immediately put on medication and counselling. He too called his exes, who also called their exes. Although he was a good guy and we frequently met because above all he really needed a friend, the long chain of exes disgusted me. We tracked one Cynthia who had been the girlfriend before me, who tracked down her own exes and one of them confirmed he had just been diagnosed with the virus. The long chain disgusted me. It made me feel dirty. I cried out to God to break the chain from me. Because we all know if you lay with someone your spirits are bound together. Which meant it didn’t matter that I had only been with Samson, all our spirits were bound together. I studied the Bible in depth.  I even studied the Holy Quran. Both the holy books condemn sexual sin. In the Bible, number one of the seven things the Lord hates and cannot tolerate is lust. It is number one. Numero uno. I fasted and prayed. I had come to terms with my status but I did not want to loose my soul. I had to break the spiritual bonds if Christ was going to live in me. Because in 1st Cor 5:11, it says,” But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who calls himself a Christian who is sexually immoral, …. Do not even eat with such a person. ”
I need you to not that not just any sexually immoral person, those who call themselves christians and still indulge in the sin. Because remember Jesus had his feet oiled with a prostitute. But after that, she forsook her old ways and lived a new one in Christ. Paul goes onto tell us, we cannot be bound in spirit to multiple people and still expect the spirit of the  Lord to live in us.
That is why both Holy books advise us to just marry to avoid the sexual sin. And the married couple will be bound to one another until death.
A wife is bound as long as her husband is living. But if her husband dies, she is free to marry anyone she wishes (only someone in the Lord).
1 Cor 7:39
As I look back now, my experience is a blessing in disguise. Because the number of people whose lives God has inspired me to change is immense. It is truly humbling.
It is a pity how this world has sugar coated the sin. What we all don’t understand is that our souls are wearing out. Are we really going to sacrifice the Kingdom of God for the pleasures of the world?
Because what worth is it for a man to gain the entire world and lose his soul?
As in proverbs 28:13, He who covers his sin will not prosper, but whoever confesses them and forsakes them will find mercy.
We are all saved by the grace of God. He knows our hearts. If we confess and forsake whatever sin we did or are doing, we shall find mercy with Him.
Pretence is not going to get us anywhere. I have met many who sing in the choir, lead the youth , but is jumping from one guy to the next. This is mocking God, which is why according to the aforementioned scripture from Corinthians, the church was asked not to associate itself with them.
And as we all know, sin separates us from God, and if we humble ourselves and cry out to him to save us, he will accept us with open arms.
For the Kingdom of God is near and that is the ultimate goal, right?
As I share my story with the world, it would just be a lie if I didn’t invoke the difference the word of God had made. I have made new family in friends.
Oh, and my actual name is Linda by the way.
Bee, Stella, really?

In my defense I was going for anonymity. I am glad you guys read her story and I really do hope it has inspired you because i have to say it has surely inspired me. There is hope for us all 😉. Kindly share with me your thoughts on the comment section down below. Give me your suggestions as well if you would like more of this…






  1. petieokwany · July 26, 2016



  2. Gacheri · July 26, 2016

    Wow. Thank you Bee for sharing Linda’s story. It’s an eye opener.


  3. Cynthia · July 27, 2016

    woow, you are such an inspiration Abby,
    N so creative


  4. mary · July 27, 2016

    amazing… keep up bee


  5. papawereblog · August 20, 2016

    Some blog I should have discovered long ago.


  6. Bildad O'brian · August 21, 2016

    i gotta give it to you,…
    good job and i would be lying if i said am not touched.
    good read,


  7. Felix Abur · November 26, 2016

    Very touching. Saddening, yet inspiring.


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