i stopped looking for dream girl, I just wanted one that wasn’t a nightmare . – Charles Bukowski

That was really not the way I expected it to happen. I wanted to be swept off my feet, fly to cloud nine and ride on white horses and chariots. But here we are, staring into each others eyes, mine blushing and looking away . We had been waiting for a while now for this moment. Me desperately that at some point I got tired. I have places to be and things to do besides waiting son, you dig?

But so much about life here and now, entails waiting . Because I learnt from highschool, that if you’re really serious about life, if you’re the go getter that wants the whole world or nothing and want to make things happen, then you need to know how to wait. Seriously. You take a deep breath, put your game face on, brace yourself and wait. I had to wait 2 hours at the hospital for consultation! We wait for slow-speed internet! We wait for that return call from our uncle who promised us a little job somewhere if we send him our CV, and there’s never even a response mind you. He will still have his head held high at the next family gathering, acting like he never saw your took-a-month-long-to-write CV, ni gutee. And now we wait for our overpriced matatus.

I wasn’t hard to spot in this café. I had made sure of that . I am a sore thumb of a twenty-something year old lady wearing body curving little black dress that was supposed to convince him that I would be great company on this major life trip should he stop for me . This is if my inability to arrive anywhere punctually isn’t accounted for. Because like the inconsiderate jerk that I am, I was a whole ass 45 mins late. Secretly wondering if the swaying of my hips would bail me out on this one. But he was patient . He apologized for my travels and invited me to dine with him . Half the time, I was wondering if I had over dressed. We’re my heels too high? Was my dress to short?  Can you see my cleavage? Thank God for this trenchcoat. But I can’t wear it indoors. How does my hair look? God, I should have really gone to the salon . Was this a good day for this date? Maybe he can tell that behind the cool-as-a-cucumber facade of togetherness I am trying to portray, is a quivering, fearful little girl who’s just dying for someone to take her by the hand and help her cross a busy road.

On the bright side, the roasted potatoes were beautifully made . We eased into conversation and comfort joined us. Throwing chuckles of laughter, pronouncing a good time, here and there . The stars had aligned, it was our time to dance, we just had to recognize it.


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  1. winterindecember · November 15

    Hi, I came across your blog and absolutely love your writing. Would like to speak to you about a potential ghostwriting project. Cannot find your contact information on your blog. Please send me an email on sales@fiftyfiftyltd.com and will respond with more detail. Thank you 🙂


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