Bio: i am a charismatic and outgoing individual. quite the introvert although easy going. writing to me is how i best express myself. looking forward to a wonderful journey with you 🙂

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  1. ellyabok · November 25, 2017

    Am trying to load if you have any new piece of work unfortunately can’t see any your home timeline is kind of confusing to me
    I learnt about your work while reading bikozulu articles since then I guess am a fun
    Thumbs up


    • phenomenalwoman · November 25, 2017

      Hey Ella. Thank-you for showing interest in my work. It’s very humbling. I am off blogging for a while now, tryna concentrate on a few other things but for more of my work, kindly check out my Instagram page, Kinini Creations.
      Baraka x


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