From The Bar Stool😉

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Time check; 4pm.
Another message from Danson.
‘Seriously Bee. We should meet up and you know, catch up’
I smile to myself. I always like it when someone calls me that. It feels like they know me. It feels like those pet names your cùcù gives you but then she is the only who calls you that. So when someone else does its like they know you.
I want to go. I really do. Mainly because I want to find out if he’s still as attractive as he was in class four. If his legs still look as long as they did in school shorts. If he still talks moving his lips to the side. And of course other reasons because high school never ends (see what I did there. Hehe)
So I text him back like yeah we totally should. We schedule the time and place.
He wants to meet up today. But my hair is a mess. Though I agree anyway.
I freshen up and pick out an LBD. A very sexy one if I do say so myself. Because I want to prove a point. If, for instance, he still remembers me as the weakling in class four who was picked on by every bully, I will prove am a strong independent woman. And maybe make him regret why he never asked me out when I was let him copy my homework and exams. I will prove that now is too late as he can see. He will be flummoxed and I will be extremely pleased with myself.
So I just said to him I am passing by the salon and it was going to take about half an hour. (Btw, if any woman ever said to you that she is just taking about half an hour at the salon, she is lying. It’s physically impossible. Not even just saying hi at the salon takes half an hour. Trust me ). I assumed he is going to busy himself with something else because you know, isn’t it public information that half an hour in the salon directly translates to 3 hours?
I mean, everything knows that, right? Everyone except him.
After about an hour or so after our conversation, he is already there. So he calls me. Am still at the salon. Agnes, my hair stylist ( why do we always personalise people like they attend to us solely), is still fixing extensions to my hair. I am surprised at how early he is. What happened to fashionably late?
I tell him to give me at least an hour more (again another lie. Guys, why do you always fall for this?). My hair is washed and rinsed and conditioned and rinsed again. Agnes sets the drier timer as I stare at my phone wondering what to say to him to keep him busy.
“So how is the traffic”
” Very smooth actually”
“Did you see the bikers on Thika Rd who insist on wearing such tight biking attire that their stomachs bulge out you can literally see their caps wobbling”
“😅😅 Don’t go there. What makes you think I didn’t bike here”
“Because I don’t think you are the kind of person to just wear a helmet as the only safety gear”
” They wear knee protectors and arm braces too”
” Not the ones on Thika Rd really. In fact the biker suit is so thin and tight . Am surprised their balls don’t get squashed in there.”
” Because they have some tough balls😅”
” Well, it must be the case for them to be even able to bike on Thika Rd. Am ready now. Will be there in a few”
As Agnes pulls me out the drier, I cant help but think how amazing my hair will be after it’s combed. She does the final touches and i reapply my lipstick for clarity.
I arrive in twenty minutes at our rendezvous. I sit down on the bar stool next to his. He is gobbling down his drink.
“You wanna go slow on that”, I whisper in his ear as I take the stool next to his.
“Whoa”, he says as he brushes his hand down his tousled hair. Good looking old fellow. He is casual in a way he lets you know he didn’t try too hard but he looks good anyway.
I blush at the thought and turn to look at the waiter as I order my drink. He stands up to give me a peck on my cheek. He compliments my looks and rants about how much time I have taken. I start to argue that all this (hair and look) didn’t just happen. He reluctantly acquiesced (always wanted to use this word😉).  We go over the formalities as the drinks start to kick in.
” But seriously though, what do you do nowadays?”
I like it when someone new(or in this case, reintroduced) asks me this. Because I can be anything. I can be a medical practitioner, a teacher, a morgue attendant. Hell I can even be an escort or Bob Collymore’s assistant. The choices are endless.
I swing about my drink as I ponder on his question. The ice cubes hit the edges of the glass. It is a pleasant pass time.


PS: I wanna take this time out and thank you guys so much for always coming down here. For bugging to write something when I go under. For always looking forward to the something new. For your complains and compliments. For your words of encouragement and criticism because you want to see us grow. For believing in me even when I  don’t. You guys are the real MVP’S. And you know what you should all add in your CV.’S? ” I am a good motivator and enjoy empowering others to achieve goals” Because that is what you are.
Again, thankyou 😊👊
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My dear David; letter to my twin

Hello guys. i believe you well. before you embark on this read, here’s a little disclaimer; This is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed in this short story are products of my imagination.
would love to here your thoughts. Be sure to leave a comment below.

Dear David,
Shortie!!! You would still be shorter than me I bet 😉. How are you up there? Do people grow old? Are you now 16 or still 6? The bible talks about overflowing milk and honey, how is that? Is everything white or gold-plated? Do you have your own room?
If you don’t I hope you don’t hog the bed. 😆. I miss you Dave. You remember the girl next door? Kate? She is married now and has two kids. One is 7 and the other one is 4. They are so adorable. A boy and a girl, respectively. The other day she was reminding me of how we were very inquisitive together. Did we really ask those many questions? You remember when we five then we climbed a paw paw tree 🎄 to get to heaven ?
Oh the innocence. So pure. Our birthday has never been the same again. We still write your name on the cake. ” Happy Birthday Diana and David”. We all celebrate you. Our pictures are still up the wall. Even the ones from the photo shoot that I cried my lungs out and you started crying too. Mum was so frustrated with us that day. Though we went through it. The pictures with our tear stained faces.
A lot has changed Dave. Mum got another pair of twins. Two years after your accident. I was 8. I was so angry at her and them. I thought it was her way of replacing you and I hated it for sometime. I outgrew it eventually. They are girls. The prettiest things in the world. Matilda and Melisa. Though they don’t cry simultaneously like we used to, they are a wonder. I get jealous of them sometimes. I think to myself, sometimes, that they will never have what we had. They are now six. Very unsettled. They love each other immensely. Its contagious.

Sally is now 20. She has enrolled into campus. Its working out well for her. She even has a boyfriend. Richard or Rodney. I couldn’t quite get it. She keeps it a secret. I will find out in a few days I promise. I have seen his pictures. He is handsome. Looks like a decent young boy. He better not break her heart. Or he faces the wrath.
Dad is so overprotective of her. I hope he realizes she is a grown woman.
Oh, did I tell you that Teddy the frog died? Mum said it suffocated. I think the help poisoned it. She always hated it. We’ve had more helps by the way. You know mum and her dramatic self. Someday, she fired a help because she couldn’t quite get the salt portion in the food right. She asked her to leave and take the rest of the salt pack with her. The other day she phoned Sally. Out of the blues, she was yelling into the phone and asking her what boy she was with and how she must leave him right away before she starts praying for them. Oh, mother dearest. Such a vigilant woman.
Sally is a beleaguered young adult. Trying to find her life’s path.
Me? Well, nothing much. High school is here. A lot of drama goes on. You know with the high end society of high school. I have been suspended quite a number of times. For reasons I find insincere. The most recent suspension I got because i was directing a mirror reflection from upstairs, where my class is, to a junior class downstairs and opposite. It disturbed the teacher’s lesson has it burned right through her eyes. In my defense, it wasn’t my intention that that would occur. I was honestly experimenting with the mirror to see if once the light hit that classroom’s windows it would bounce back. Well, I never got to find out because now am home. I still wonder about it though, the refraction and reflection of light. I will find out sooner or later. Just have to think my plans through now, huh?
I have like two friends. Terry and Wacuka. They are always trying to outsmart each other and I hate always been caught up in the middle. The love is real. Tough but real.
So auntie Debbie still drinks like she always did. Not married yet. Just her and her bottle. In fact, the last get together she swore nothing will come between her and the bottle. She almost stripped-down naked on top of a table while dancing. Nana called her down and beat the shit out of her. Can you imagine, Nana with her feeble bones beating the hell out her? She cried . Such a baby.
Cousin Edna flew to Germany to pursue a career in medicine. She stopped operating on rats and lizards. Finally she follows her dreams of operating actual people.
I wonder if she has any friends. I mean, who wants to have a gecko slaughter for a friend?
Maybe she will find her kind. She has to.
Dave, I need to go do the dishes, mum has been screaming at me about it for half an hour now.
Catch you later to fill you in on everything.
Preserve our kingdom up there.

Authenticate Your Love


The story is as old as time – boy meets girl, they fall in love, start a family, and live happily ever after. A story I’m certain our grandparents were apart of and maybe our parents had their own chapter as well.
Things have changed, however, and not in the favor of intimacy. Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Hot or Not, Facebook and even Twitter have helped to destroy the innocence of pure intimacy. You can be anyone behind the screen of your phone, and the problem is we are often a different person than who we actually are, which leads to an awkward face-to-face meeting.
Messaging someone and saying “you’re beautiful” and receiving a heart-eyed emoji in response ails in comparison to the unalloyed emotion expressed in a persons mind, body, and soul when those words go from your mouth straight to their heart.
I’m close with many people who use these sites and that’s fine. I refuse to judge anyone for using these apps because the choice is theirs, and not everyone wants an old-fashioned, long-term relationship. I do, however, grow extremely impatient with the people who complain about the guy or girl who won’t get serious after their first few Facebook -dates. Of course there are success stories, but let’s face it, we all use dating sites for on-demand affection. We’re only human and we are using the resources at hand to fill our wants and needs as we always have – even if its mindless sex.
Some things are out of our control, and love is one of those things.
If you are seeking LOVE – the kind of love our grandparents found, the kind of love that is felt in the most precious and intimate parts of our hearts then you need to put yourself in real-life situations. To meet someone in a random place at a random time is the basis for every sappy love story. Cinderella didn’t swipe right and meet Prince Charming now did she?


This is no easy task and if you are shy or even remotely self-conscious then it may seem almost impossible. Stepping out of your comfort zone is essential. You’ll have to do things you said you would never do, talk to people you don’t know, and just let what is going to happen, happen. Some things are out of our control, and love is one of those things. Our hearts feel what they feel and they are as stubborn as stubborn can be. Many people are scared to love because as beautiful as it is, it can all come crashing down and knock you down further then you’ve ever been.
If you are single and in your twenties then these are the “glory years” everyone talks about. Make spur of the moment decisions, talk to the girl you think you have no chance with, take risks, and don’t be afraid to fail.

Don’t wonder if he or she is the one; that question will answer itself.

Love is a freight train, and when it is in motion there is no force that can stop it. It will be effortless; the want for each other will be intoxicating, consuming, and powerful. Don’t wonder if he or she is the one; that question will answer itself. Just enjoy all of the beautiful things this loving relationship is giving you. After all, you finally have what you’ve been yearning for don’t you? There is no feeling like the feeling of love, and if that is what you seek then stray far from mindless app hook-ups and go find your Cinderella or Prince Charming.

Open Apology From All Irresponsible And Absentee Fathers

I know this won’t heal the wounds, but allow me to help you fit in their shoes. because we keep on blaming them and rebuking them. lets take a minute to understand them. These are my two cents to you. Like Mark Maish, am sure most of us have gone through this.

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I know this has been no walk in the park for us. You know, you, me, mum and your siblings. I cant even try to start and explain myself. I know sorry isn’t enough. And I am not even sure if I will be able to forgive myself. Though I do hope and pray that you be able to forgive me for your heart to be at peace. If I could change the hands of time and go back and take back all the nasty comments and insults I hurled at you, your mum and siblings I would. I am sorry for being irresponsible and always resorting to the bar. If it makes you feel any better, I wasn’t always like this. I have ever been a hardworking handsome young man who loved Christ. I was once the man your mum fell in love with. The man she dedicated her whole life too. The man who helped her through college until she completed her education despite giving her children. I was once the man who took up the responsibility of his kids. While your mother was in college I worked for my family. I did odd jobs and worked too hard for my body to handle. But I never complained. I had to pay your mum’s fees, you and your siblings had just started pre-school and there was rent to pay. I know you remember we didn’t have much. But the little we had wasn’t handed over to us either. Life wasn’t a bed of roses then but neither was it a carpet of thorns. There was love and understanding. Mum did her end of the bargain. Finished school and passed well. But my child, this country hasn’t changed much. We did not know anyone who knew anyone.Maybe your uncle that works in the government ministry, though like you know him, he believes people who don’t have money are just lazy thus his help was seldom sought unless you are prepared to be on a tight short leash on him. So we had to settle for our small businesses and search for ends meet together. At some point it got tough, the debts we had incurred, public school wasn’t free then and business was starting to go down. It was atrocious. But you know how life is, its never so bad that it can’t get any worse. That is when we had to send you kids back to shosho’s place. You remember that time now, don’t you? You received your pre-school education there. Your mum and I never gave up. We decided to establish ourselves to at least create a family environment. You remember when we told you kids we once lived in a single room mabati house while you were in shagz? It was this time. We were still in the mitumba business. I hassled for bales of mitumbas while your mother did the distribution of clothes and selling them on the small kibanda we had secured. We managed well. We were a good team. After some good time, we got back on our feet and were able to bring you kids home. Life was good. It was lovable. We moved to a two roomed house and enrolled you kids to a public school. We were okay.

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Then where did life take a turn of events you ask?
Well, I was not always a good boy I must say, though I did try. So when I was working in the mitumba bales store, greed took the better of me. I tried to counsel myself and say it was for the family but it wasn’t. I desired a good life but I was not willing to stretch the extra mile for it. Therefore I sought the easiest way out, I secured an extra amount of the sales I made for myself and never informed my boss. But you know karma hits back and it hits hard. My wrongs caught up with me. I was fired and my reputation was spoiled therefore I couldn’t seek another job in Gikomba. Trust me child, you never know how small a place is until there’s bad rumours going round about you. And i may have done wrong but not everything that was told about me was true. Your mother didn’t give up on me. She never has. And may the Good Lord bless her for that. Disappointed? Oh she was. Dear Lord she was very disappointed. But she supported me nonetheless. Through her retail business, she gathered a good amount of money and helped set up another business in Nakuru. She saw something in me when no one else did. She still has a good hope for humanity. Long story short, that Nakuru business never worked out. I was repressing all my disappointment and my despair. I was alone there with really no family to talk to and new business wasn’t taking shape. With the pressure from my family, I was breaking out. Your mother took over the household responsibilities and I was forced to now depend on her. I didn’t like it either. Depending on her that is. It made me feel less like a man and the extended family was just worsening my situation by constantly reminding me and telling me that. It was depressing my child. And you know who was there for me always? My jug of hard liquor. Am not defending myself . Am not even proud of it myself. But she was always there. Always full. Never judging me or making me feel like am not man enough. And most important of all, she made me forget all my sorrows. Maybe for a second or two but I forgot them all the same. My Nakuru business capital and all the sales I made went to my hard liquor. I needed her more each day. I enjoyed not having to have to care the least in the world. I mean, your mothers business was doing well, you guys stayed in school most of the time. In fact, she even managed to save enough to buy a plot of land. And here I was asking her for 500kes to pay for my Nakuru rent or another 1000kes for business upkeep though it all went to the bottle. Broke and penniless, she sent me just enough money to come back home. Which I did. With nothing to do I would sit at home all day, read a one week old paper and wait. Waited for her to come home and question about my laziness and how I need to man up and find something to do. Something to do I did find. I searched. I searched all over the house for the pennies and coins. Gathered them together and on good days they were enough for a good’ol spirit. You remember the kind that was packed in paper sachets? Those ones yes. I watched in the evening as you kids got scolded for stealing money you had no idea was even there. But I was still the man in the house. I refused to be robbed of that. Sometimes I graduated from coins to notes. Notes of all values I had no discrimination. And when your mother ever had the guts to ask me I would hurl insults at her and depending on the value of the note a disgraceful beating would follow. Again, I am not the least proud of myself. I am just offering my pair of shoes. This has been going on for a good time. And as you know, good things come to those who love the Lord. She prayed for us. Without ceasing she prayed. She built her house. We moved in there and you kids were already grown up. You understood more. You knew your mother was the bread winner and I was just a drunken slob. You knew she owned everything that was offered to you and me? Just a drunken old slob. And what’s worse to hurt a father with more than that?
I terrified you. It made me feel respected though not loved. I would drink all these sorrows down from as early as ten in the morning. Your mother’s education had now paid off and she got a good employment. And me? Well, just a drunken old slob. This was a new neighbourhood though it didn’t take long before everyone figured that out. Even that bar I went to knew me as the man that was kept by the wife. That is not even half a man I tell you. I regularly got into fights there and if that was not enough brought my anger to your mum. If there was to be a punishment I deserved for being so cruel to a wonderful woman like your mother even I can’t spell it out myself. And you know what’s worse? Even when I threatened to kick her out of her own house(which I did temporarily out of purely selfish reasons), or burn down her business and her house, or worse still when I threatened to kill her and raise you kids by myself(not that I even knew how this was possible. I didn’t really think this one through), she still never gave up on me. It hurt me more than I can express that she loved me just the same. Sometimes i would get drunken silly and beat all you kids up just because I found you up or watching TV. I am sorry but I need you to understand it was never your fault. All the times I recklessly said offensive words to you and never apologized, all the times i beat you up harshly for something petty. It was never your fault. I apologize to the world that you had to grow up that way. I apologize to the people you interact with if you have become a selfish and insensitive person. That is because of how I was to you. Child I want you to know that you don’t have to live with your anger no more. I already live with it too raucously. Let me deal with it. My one prayer now is that you be free. I am sorry that your mother had to deal with me. Don’t carry that luggage, she already does. Dear child, its time that you be free from all the emotional chains I tied you too.
I know I never got to say it, neither did I ever say it, but I love you. All those times I kicked you out all I ever really wanted was a warm tight hug that I was too afraid to ask for. All the times you insulted you all I really wanted was to talk to you like you talked to your mother. I was jealous. And I had to much hatred within myself for myself. I don’t want you to forgive me or to accept me wholeheartedly, I just need you to untie yourself from my hate grip. I also need you to know I love your mother. I know I have had the most uncanny way of showing it but I do. She has the world’s largest and strongest of hearts. My child, never give up on love. Your mother didn’t. She suffered a great deal true. But our past and strong foundation kept her going. Lastly my child, I may have made you suffer all these when you were barely a child. But please, don’t let them define you. Don’t be greedy and selfish like I was in my defense. Don’t be insensitive and ignorant of the people who love you. Lest you suffer endlessly.
With love,
Your irresponsible and absentee father.

The five stages of falling in love

1. Become their friend. Be there for the heart breaks, the late night calls filled with tears. Love them in a different way. Love them with no intention. Love them like a sister, love them like a brother. Know their deepest secrets, keep them safe. Be there. Have inside jokes. Make a solid base before you build higher.
2. Notice them. Watch them when they walk. Watch their eyes when they talk to you about something they love. Watch the sparkle that fills them. Notice the little things. Notice the nervous ticks. How they laugh a little too loud when they’re nervous or how they sway side to side when they are uncomfortable. Notice the soft smiles and the little giggles. Notice them when they are upset and when they are happy. Notice them and I promise you that you will fall in love.
3. You won’t notice it at first. You’ll hear a joke that you think he’ll like and then you’ll see a movie that she would totally enjoy. You won’t think about it at all. And then you’ll see the color of his eyes and be taken back to the first time you properly got a look at them knowing full well that you could stare at them forever and ever. Or you’ll hear her name said and your mind will be brought to her face, or how his cologne will be sprayed and the thought of his warm sweatshirt makes you feel all gooey inside. And before you know it, you are fully consumed with the thought of them and who they are and then you realize that they are your thoughts.
4. There will come a point where all you want is them. Every time you will begin to choose them over everyone. Your friends, your family,everyone. You’ll hear the complaints about it. “You spend more time with them than me, than us” But how can you explain to them, that when you are near them, your whole world seems so right, and when you are apart, it seems to have fallen down on you, spinning, unsteady. That when you hear their voice the whole world literally rights it self up and even though you hear the words of criticism, it’s all worth it when you are in their arms.
5. Now here is the final stage. When you know if you are truly in the love you believe. Ask yourself: Do they course through your veins? Can you honestly tell yourself that they are the one? Do you flinch at the way they kiss you? And when you are done questioning yourself, throw them all away because love is not something that is completely practical, it is impractical, messy, hard, tough and amazing. And if you think you are in love then you are; for that is what love is. Love is what you think it is and you are the only one who can define it.
Happy valentines and enjoy yourself.
Thankyou for dropping by,

love #love





Your‘Twenties’: the time in your life where you hardly have any idea who you are, yet you’re expected to have your sh*t together.

It’s complete B.S. but it’s a growing experience. Every drunken mistake, every part-time job you hate, every 2AM study session, every nerve-wrecking drive to an interview, every depressing job turn down, every tequila shot to your accomplishments–these are the craziest and best years of your life.

But if there’s one thing I hate about being in my twenties it’s the lax ‘I’ll figure it out later’ attitude I so often run into.

The whole ‘none of us have our lives figured out yet,’ the ‘just chill out,’ the ‘stop worrying about everything’ and the ‘you’re not supposed to have your sh*t together’ mindsets. Sure, yeah, there’s something to be said about not over-thinking, about relaxing, about not stressing over what you can’t control. But you’re in your twenties now. You really should start getting your life together.

Case in point:

“Bumping into things looking for food” 😂😂😂

A photo posted by @sexualaughs on Oct 27, 2015 at 6:52pm PDT

“fumbling around bumping into things looking for food.”

Really? Is this what being a twenty-something is all about? We’re just these zombie-idiots with no direction? I beg to differ.

Your twenties are the crazy, selfish, discovery years. You’re supposed to be exploring, traveling, making mistakes, falling in love, feeling on top of the world, and completely failing. You’re not supposed to have this grand plan of how everything is going to work out…but you should have something. You should have some sense of where you’re headed or want to go (…and hopefully that’s somewhere besides the pantry.)

I’m so tired of people saying “Oh, you’re only twenty-whatever. You’ll figure it out.” You’re damn right I will. But I’m not only twenty-whatever. I’m already twenty-whatever. The time is now.

No, I’m not old. But it’s not like I have years and years to just veg out on my parents’ couch. (Well, technically I could if I wanted…but I don’t.) How am I going to start my life from my parents’ couch? How am I going to establish myself? Be independent? Make money? Have a purpose?

I’ve seen this picture probably more than anything (especially with the influx of twenty-something engagements and babies). It’s a manifesto for the twenty-four-year-old that lives at home and doesn’t have a full time job. It’s a feel-good for the single, fifth year senior who’s dragging out another degree.

There’s nothing wrong with the quote. I mean, in many ways it’s true. If you sit there and think you’re supposed to have your life figured out, you’ll be completely paranoid and stuck. And you won’t get anywhere.

But that doesn’t mean you should just sit back and say, “Oh, well I’ll just figure it out when I get there.” What, exactly, will you figure out if you don’t proactively do something? And how will you know when you ‘get there’? (Unanswered questions).

I saw this the other day:

Crazy, right? Crazy to think that these amazing people were sucking at life when they were twenty-three. But you know what these people did? They got their lives together. They didn’t sit there making excuses for their lack of full-time jobs and no significant others and having kshs.500 to their names and living in their mother’s basements. They did something. Because they were in their twenties. And it was high time to get their sh*t together.

Now I’m not sitting here saying I have my life figured out. (Because dear God, I don’t). There’s really no way to have it all figured out, no way to plan for the unknown, no way to really know what it is you want to do with your life.

Not until you start. Not until you make a basic plan and it goes to sh*t and you start completely over. Not until you work a job and realize you hate it and begin the process again.

But you have to try. You have to do, go, live. Because these are the years to grow, to take a terrible job to find your limits, to go back for a second degree, to chase the human you love across the country, to change your major for the fourth time, to try a long distance relationship, to spend money on ridiculously expensive concerts, to move to a foreign city alone, to throw what’s realistic aside and follow your passions. But you can’t sit back passively and watch the years go by, hoping one day you’ll figure it out.

You have to get your sh*t together and start doing. Because for goodness sake, you’re twenty-three already!


If you have no charity in your heart,you have the worst kind of heart trouble-Bob hope.

I saw a man today. On my way from work. Rugged and full of dirt he may have been but a man he still was. He stopped me. Right at the junction. In the middle of the road. Contrary to what I thought, he had a lot to say. I thought he was going to ask for a ten shilling or “atakama ni mbao madam”. Upon realization that I was in for a chat, I signaled we at least move to the side of the road.
He looked like he was well into his forties but his state and skin gave him twenty more years.
“My daughter, I am sorry to bother you. But you see, I am a mason by proffesion, but where we had been building we have not been paid …”


Working hard and seeing my on sweat feels so good. 😄:D

Yes, his English was incredibly impeccable and I was blown away too.

He went on about how as a result of not being paid he had not eaten for the past two days.
I was not in a hurry. So I offered we enter Naivas supermarket. The kind of attention we drew was immense. We were searched thank you to the new security system in the country. The guard almost didn’t let him in.
“He’s with me”
I said as I smiled.
I gave him the luxury of picking anything he wanted starting with a packet of milk and bread. He went on to pick a packet of unga for mama watoto and when he was about to pick a packet of toothpaste, I realized that I would have to walk home. Although I wanted him to, I didn’t have the pleasure. I gestured he should return the toothpaste and the rest was enough.
We made our to the counter. People gave us way as they were afraid of getting into contact. It didn’t bother us much though. We were all shoppers, after all.
He thanked me, upon exiting Naivas. A simple thank you but I knew he meant it. It was simply enough.


Later that night, I couldn’t help but wonder how many times we have judged people simply by how they look.
We never chose to be born where we are, simply by luck and grace. We therefore have no authority whatsoever to put off someone jut yo because you think they are not important enough.
I learnt also that this people posses one golden quality that most people lack, peace. Peace of the heart and mind.
Have you ever taken time to speak with a street child. Not much worries them. They live for the day, tomorrow is just but a fantasy.

Now before you put anyone off next time or think they are not important enough, think about what if that is you in another life?
And how exactly are blessings that you pray for everyday supposed to reach if you’re always pushing them away?

You have not really lived today, unless you do a good deed to a complete stranger who will never repay you.🙌

love, Bee 😘